How to adjust your Marketing Strategy during COVID

How to adjust your Marketing Strategy during COVID

COVID-19 was a curveball few of us expected and it forced us to redress how we go about our lives. Unfortunately, this means that business must change too, and because marketing is the staple of (almost) all businesses it changes with it.

There is a lot to consider when crafting your marketing strategy during COVID. So, we’re here give you a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Shift to social media

The first and most important step to take, if you haven’t already, is to establish a social media presence. People aren’t able to be as mobile as they were pre-COVID and so you need to bring your businesses name to them. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are excellent marketing tools, especially for businesses that don’t require face-to-face interaction.

Geographic diversification

If your region’s economy is especially hard hit by COVID and your business doesn’t need your customers to be geographically close to you then there’s no reason for you to limit your scope. Utilising international SEO (search engine optimisation) you can advertise to anyone, anywhere to ensure your product makes it into the hands of the consumer. 

Paid advertisements

The various strategies undertaken to protect people from the virus have resulted in two things:

It is the perfect time to get your digital foot in the door. Ad networks are currently sitting on excess advertising space. Advertisements are cheap and the amount of people they could reach is higher than ever! If paid advertisement is already a part of your plan, now would be an opportune time to consider expanding on it.

Contribution vs. Conversion

While conversions are universally important to your business it is important to show empathy in a time of global crisis. While this doesn’t mean that you should begin to offer all of your services for free, it does mean that it wouldn’t hurt to make your product more accessible.

  • Reducing the cost of basic services or goods,
  • expanding your free or light packages,
  • making premium options cheaper,

These are all good strategies and option for showing empathy and getting your name out there.

Temper your tone

This is a less visible but equally important way of showing empathy. It involves taking special care to not use tone-deaf language.

Words that refer to activities such as gatherings or physical contact should be avoided. Phrases such as “killer deals” may also come across as abrasive as well.

While certain market s may now present great opportunities for certain businesses any excitement should be tempered. Rejoicing about a gap in the market as a result of a global crisis is not a favourable look.